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Current industry trends need a lot of network storage but have different requirements
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12/01/2019 – The IT industry is currently undergoing a “digital transformation” with the “Internet of Things” (IoT) and big data two of the most important and often discussed trends. Both need a lot of storage space but have different requirements, even within themselves. IoT projects could need storage space for streaming video and audio in a constant flow but using IoT sensors often deliver just small data packages coming in rapid succession or even simultaneously and in enormous numbers. Each project requires a different decision for the corresponding network storage device.

Typical data center applications need storage but accessing it mostly infrequently and on-demand while IoT storage systems need constant and continuous access with possibly billions of small data packages. The network storage need to be able to handle this without affecting performance. Furthermore, as data constantly is coming in, the storage capacity should easily and cost-effectively be scaled or upgraded without disrupting the service when necessary.

While this should not be an issue for big enterprises with strong IT departments, it makes the decision for choosing the right network storage for small or medium-sized businesses much harder because the smaller IT staff doesn't like or won't be able to handle flexible and upgradable storage systems from different vendors that probably aren't even compatible. Even more so when the network storage needs to run both big data and IoT applications.

In conclusion, it comes down to these questions or decisions to make when choosing the right network storage system for your project:

What is the primary usage of your network storage – big data or IoT? What's more important – short access times or fast continuous sequential read or write speed? Do you possibly need both at the same time because you want to analyze the ever-growing IoT data streams in real- time? Can your NAS vendor guarantee easy scaling out and scaling up without charging a fortune or temporarily stopping your business?
Finding the right solutions for your projects is not only important to you, your market position and success, it's also the intention and duty of your network storage provider.

One example of network storage for an IoT project is the Thecus N5810 used for video surveillance because of its ability to handle multiple virtual machines, as described in this case study.

For more storage space with fast access for big data projects Thecus recommends NAS like the N12910SAS or N16910SAS with 12 or 16 bays for a capacity of currently up to 224 TByte. At a lower scale and more attractive price point, Thecus offers the N8910 that can easily be expanded by our Scale-Out feature when more capacity is needed.

Please contact your local Thecus sales representative to find the best network storage infrastructure for you!

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